What's a funny memory you have about high school? Include in or out of class.
Circus Hour

I know that those of us who took "Journalism" our Senior year with Mr. Coda may have some pretty funny memories.  Yes!  Sadly, we were the people "responsible" for producing the "school paper" the Tom Tom.  Finding a circa 1989/1990 Tom Tom paper today would be a rare find- and would cost millions if ever auctioned off on E-bay-  as we all had a most dysfunctional class! 

If I recall correctly, I remember Sean Thornock not having a lunch for some reason that year-  therefore he ate lunch during 6/7th Journalism in Coda's room.  Everyday he had a banana in his lunch- so the class, along with Coda- who was "just one of the kids" back then, would place cash bets on "The Banana Toss".  The banana peel was strategically tossed out of the 3rd floor window and HAD to land on the hood of Sam Mead's (the custodian) Bronco!  Fun Times!

Kelly Rojas